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16-bit SDK and DDKs
16-bit SDKs and Tools
Academic Resource Kit for .NET Technology
Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.0
Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.1
Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
Azure SDK 2.3
Azure SDK 2.4
Azure SDK 2.5
Azure SDK 2.6
Bank Framework SDK and DDKs
Baseline Security Analyzer 2.0.1
Concurrency and Coordination Runtime
CRC 3.05
Data Analyzer 2002
Developer Security Resource Kit
Device Simulator for Windows SideShow
DHTML Editing SDK and DDKs
Digital Dashboard
DirectX SDK and DDKs
Enterprise Instrumentation Framework
eScrum Version 1.0
ESP 1.0
FabriKam 3.1
GIF Animator
Healthcare Framework
Help Workshop 4.03
HEVC Video Extensions
ILMerge 1.1
ILMerge 2.0
Interix 2.2
Internet Explorer 6.0
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Log Parser 2.2
Mobile Internet Toolkit
Modem Developer Kit
MSDN Online Web Resource
MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2
MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3
MSYubin7 1.5
NET Compact Framework 1.0
NET Compact Framework 2.0
NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1
NET Framework 1.0
NET Framework 1.1
NET Framework 2.0
NET Framework 3.5
NET Framework 4
NET Framework 4.5
NET Framework 4.5.1
NET Framework 4.6
NET Framework 4.6.1
NET Framework 4.6.2
NET Framework 4.6.2 Preview
NET Framework Redistributable 1.0
NET Framework Redistributable 2.0
NET Framework Redistributable 3.0
NET Framework SDK
NET Micro Framework
NET Micro Framework SDK
Office Resource Kit
Office System
Palm Size PC 1.2
PassPort Manager
Passport SDK and DDKs
Platform SDK and DDKs
Provisioning System SDK
Repository SDK and DDKs
Security SDK and DDKs
Semblio SDK
Server Appliance Kit
Services for Netware 4.0
Services for Netware 5.0
Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP
SharePoint Products and Technologies
SharePoint Services
SharePoint Services 2.0
SharePoint Services 3.0
SharePoint Services 3.0 with Service Pack 1
SharePoint Services with Service Pack 1
SharePoint Services with Service Pack 2
Smart Card
Smart Tag SDK and DDKs
SMS 2003 SDK and DDKs
Soap Toolkit 2.0
Soap Toolkit 3.0
Solver Foundation v1.1
Solver Foundation v1.2
Solver Foundation v2.0
Solver Foundation v2.1
Solver Foundation v3.0
Solver Foundation v3.1
Source Code Migration Tool
Speech SDK and DDKs
Springboard Series Resource Guide
SQL 2000 Sybase
SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle V1.0
SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle V2.0
Standard User Analyzer
Technet Briefings
TechNet Technical Library
TechNet Webcasts
Technical Services Guide
Translation and UI Strings Glossaries September 2020
UI Strings Glossaries
UI Strings Glossary August 2015
UI Strings Glossary January 2017
UI Strings Glossary July 2018
Unified Communications Managed
Unified Communications Managed 1.0 Beta
Unified Communications Managed 2.0
Unified Communications Managed 3.0
Virtual Earth
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Web Control SDK and DDKs
Web Platform Installer 1.0
Web Platform Installer 2.0
Web Services Enhancements
Web Storage SDK and DDKs
Windows DNA XML
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
Windows Hardware Compatibility
Windows Installer
Windows Media
Windows Mobile 2002
Windows Mobile 2003
Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6.0
Windows NT 3.51
Windows Point of Service
Windows Real-Time Communications
Windows Rights Management Services
Windows SDK and DDKs
Windows SharePoint Services
Windows Workflow Foundation
XML Parser 3.0